Dr Taylor immediately evokes a sense of warmth and calm when first meeting her.  Her kind eyes and her gentle voice are what strike you but it's her "vibe" and presence that stay with you.  After our family was torn apart, she played a key role in helping bridge the gap and allowing our family to be reunited in a safe and toxic-free space.  Whether it was in the cold park by the beach or in our warm living room, Dr Taylor is the consummate professional and works hard to maintain appropriate boundaries that are both safe and respectful of all parties.  She is both considerate and compassionate and we whole heartedly recommend her services.  Dr Taylor has been with our family in the trenches, so to speak, and will always hold a special place in our hearts.

~The Pabers Family

If you are looking for supervised visitation stop here you have found her!!!
Court order for supervised visitation can be a stressful experience on the family and pocketbook. Most supervisors are outlandishly priced and you spend time in an 8x8 cubical... not fun. Dr. Taylor is affordable. Better than that she is the best supervisor here in Cali. She helped just by being flexible with her schedule and met my family needs of locations and arrangements. Dr. Taylor also is great with the children during drop off and pick up and fully understands the hardships the children and parents are going thru and has empathy for each. Having that quality makes for a great professional in this type of career makes these hard times not so hard.
Doing good and showing Dr. Taylor that you are a capable and deserving parent will also help you because her word on that stand can help tremendously in complicated custody situations. 
All in all my experience with Dr. Taylor has been excellent considering my situation I got myself into. She threw me down a ladder to help me get out of a hole I found myself in, and that, priceless.

~Matt A. 

Heidi, thank you for helping us once again to see the light in our grandchildren's eyes. May the coming year bring you love, peace and light. 

~Debbie & Richard

Heidi is a very organized professional that does her own work with utmost sincerity and care. Her insightful understanding of my family dynamic and child  helped us through a very challenging time; I am very grateful for her work ethic and I highly recommend her for supervised visitation. She is an absolute pleasure and I am so grateful we had the opportunity to work with and learn from her many years of professional experience.


~Dana Rice

Hi Dr. Taylor! The kids enjoyed their time today and really liked you. They said they thought it might be awkward but you were really nice and they liked having you around. :) 


Dr. Taylor's professionalism is unmatched.  As an attorney who uses experts for a living I am happy to recommend her from my own personal experience. She is on time, peaceful to be around, thorough, detail oriented and neutral.  I usually don't post reviews like this but here I have no choice because she is among, if not the best.  Thank you Dr. Taylor.


~Josh N

Back in 2004, I went through a bankruptcy, foreclosure, separation and a major move out of state with 5 children. Needless to say, I was an emotional wreck.  Heidi was recommended to me through my Insurance Company and even though her services were primarily focused on children, I was probably her oldest one. Her genuine sincerity, personalized treatment and professionalism was very evident. Through weekly sessions, Heidi helped me tremendously with my emotional state which eventually led to a true friendship after I no longer needed her professional help. I highly recommend "Taylor Supervised Visitation" for all ages that are in need of her expertise and services. Thank You so much Heidi.


~Kim Stacy

During the time I was a female non-custodial parent, many of the court ordered visits with my special needs daughter, Emily, were cancelled due to the unavailability of our previous professional supervisor.

Faced with the daunting task of finding a "mutually agreeable" replacement professional supervisor with greater availability including holiday visits, I began my search through many websites and phone calls.

I thank G-D every day that Heidi answered my call!

Heidi is prompt, bright, kind, non-judgemental and possesses a calmness that proved especially important during visits with Emily.

Emily had Rett's syndrome and was Non-verbal. Emily's brain and little body mostly needed a calm environment to decompress, sometimes  just sleeping in my arms for most of the visit, other times watching the birds in the backyard and breeze blowing the leaves in the trees.

I will be forever grateful for Heidi's facilitation of the precious visit time with my special needs daughter who passed away unexpectedly last summer.

Heidi is an invaluable asset to those families that require either temporary or long-term supervised visitation and always puts the child's needs first.

~Gina D

Pictures of Clients


I just wanted to thank you again for your time as well as for sending me pictures from our visit. You were not only professional but very friendly and made an awkward situation not awkward at all. Thank you for that as well.


If I need to have further supervised visits (hopefully not) I will definetely be in contact. 


Best regards,


~AJ Brownell

I just finished using Heidi Taylors service for supervised visitation. I am going through a divorce and my ex accused me of things that were not true. And because of that I was given only one hour a week of supervised visitation. It is very humiliating and humbling to have this done for false accusations. So you can imagine my anger and lack of desire to have a "supervisor" for my 2 1/2 year old son. Also my lack of desire to even deal with the whole situation of "supervised" visitation. With that being said it is what had to be done to get my sons back. 

Heidi is such a easy going & wonderful person to deal with. She in no way sees the woman's side. But instead the child's side. I felt very comfortable and not judged by her. You can really tell she realizes how important the fathers role is to their son. Also she is very very smart. I had a lawyer who could not explain in easy terms the courts orders. Although she is not an attorney she summed up all my paperwork in about a 5 minute conversation. She had spent time and read the entire court order which was quite lengthy. 

Also she pointed out items in the court order that showed I had certain other rights. My attorney never took the time or maybe he didn't understand the verbiage in the court order. Needless to say I fired him and hired someone else after realizing Heidi pointed these things out. 

Basically if you are a man and want someone to use who will allow you to feel comfortable, non-judged, and like a normal human being please call her. Also she is soooo easy and flexible when it comes to scheduling. My ex was not a easy person to arrange a time with but Heidialways found a way to make a time for me and my son. 

Lastly to all the fathers. HANG IN THERE! I am proud to say I have just received a 50/50 custody agreement with my ex. And as I write this review I am on my second day of a four day holiday weekend with both of my sons. 

~Rich S. 

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